Download Sonic The Hedgehog For PC & Mac

Initially introduced during the 16-bit age of 2D side scrolling games, the game has been re-released on a number of platforms from consoles to handhelds and quite lately to smartphones. But with its launching on Android things may change drastically.


On PC, you can readily download and play Sonic the hedgehog with accessibility to Google play shop.

Sonic The Hedgehog For PC

Sonic The Hedgehog

Most folks who have played games previously particularly during the 90 s are aware about Sonic and the various variations of game released. Sonic has been released for both Android and iOS and is available to download without the annoying IAPs.

The game offers the standard features available in mobile games such as multiplayer support, save points, leaderboards, time trials and also achievements. The degrees are kept identical to the original without any changes in topology general. Power ups in the first games also exist which makes the experience unique.

The Gameplay

The game features three playable characters to start with – His company Stories Sonic or Knuckles the Echidna Echidna the last character made appearance only in Sonic 3. The controls are on screen and feature a virtual joystick with motion controls on left and jump/ spin on right.

The controls aren’t completely unusable but frequently too little for the average fingers. Instead it truly is more likely that the game will be much more doable with a controller/joystick (rather MOGA control) paired over Bluetooth.

The complex and demanding levels enhance largely the gameplay along with power ups like timed attack mode. Additionally, the spin dashboard manner is something fascinating as it makes the game easier and less frustrating than the original.

Sonic The Hedgehog : Loving In Your PC  

There is no reason to believe that it can’t run in your PC, while the game is officially released for smartphones and tabs. All one needs is an internet connection and an android emulator.

Sonic The Hedgehog

The remaining steps are fairly easy, just follow as said below:

  • Upon successful download and setup, set your settings when it runs first i.e. language and keyboard use.
  • On the house, select the search bar on sort and top Sonic the hedgehog and search for this.
  • Wait for this to show up and click the link.
  • On clicking, it’ll take you to the Google Play shop or 1Mobile Marketplace from where click on the install button.
  • This will begin the download and setup mechanically.

Download Frontline Commando on your PC Free

Smartphones are becoming the bread and butter of daily lives and that is where all the programs and games go. While such devices more often than not have touch screens and thus games built for such devices have distinct ways of operation all together.

Recreating the same experience is not frequently easy and thus these games never get ported to PC. Frontline Commando 2 is one such first person shooter game on iOS and Android. Nonetheless, in case you need Frontline Commando 2 you must use the BlueStacks emulator to get it running in your Windows based PC.

Frontline Commando 2 maintains exactly the same gameplay approaches and is a sequel of Frontline Commando set from Glu. The original was Frontline Commando and a disclosure: D-Day was probably the next best.

The levels get increasingly harder and some quantity of grinding is needed unless of course you are ready to shell out cash to make things simpler. Virtual currency, which can be difficult to get by is required by specific things, and thus you have to spend real world cash, although the game is free to play.

Frontline Commando pc

The Gameplay – Frontline Commando

Frontline Commando 2 follows the same basic storyline. The character cannot physically move and is armed with weapons to fire at enemies. The weapons can be updated with money. Train them – which take you or long time, can just pay and allow it to be fast and you are also required to get a squad.

The shooting can be done with a scope as they pop up to hunt outside enemies, and your squad will automatically kill a couple of them. The game is largely set in urban landscape. The shooting and overall gameplay has been simplified with virtually no strategy whatsoever. While it would be appreciated by many, the simplification of the game is not what was required as of this stage.

The assignments (complete 50 of them) feature enemies and last for a few minutes along side sub goals to reach more money. Additionally they feature a boss at the end, which to be able to complete the game you have to kill. The experience of playing this first person shooting game on PC would undoubtedly be great and so are the special effects.

To your PC – Frontline Commando

Getting Frontline Commando 2 up and running would mean recreating the smartphone environment in your PC. This is easily done with BlueStacks – an Android app and game emulator that can run apps and game at the same time. Installing the game within the emulator is pretty easy.

Frontline Commando

  • Just click here to download the newest version of BlueStacks.
  • Install and Run it and establish your settings and languages.
  • Hunt for “Frontline Commando 2” within BlueStacks from the search bar.
  • Once discovered, download and install it by clicking on Install button.

Visit “My Programs” section and select the game icon to start the game
Once it begins running, you can use your computer keyboard and mouse to play the game with no problem. Frontline Commando 2 for PC can be the greatest time killer and would also be rewarding to play.

How to Download PowerCam for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

PowerCam is an application used to edit images and is designed originally for iOS and Android telephones. The applications downloaded and has already been valued over a million times, all because of its user intutive interface and superb editing attributes.

The real click is in the fact this can also be used with the aid of a virtual Android platform for windows known as Bluestacks on your PC. Android users are fond of the app due to the powerful photo editing options. Here you are given the complete guide of using this software on your own Windows PC.


Steps The PowerCam On Your Windows PC

  • You need to download BlueStacks in your system if you desire to use this magnificent image editing application in your PC.
  • As it directly connects you to the Google Play store, which showcases games and all the programs that can be run on Android any Android application can be downloaded through this platform.
  • All you have to do is seach for PowerCam and reach install from the results.
  • Once done and installed, then you can use it on your own PC and add effects on the images you’ve already taken.

While shooting the picture with the help of this software you can use filters for your web cam images,. You may even use your Notebooks Webcam or an externally linked Webcam to take pictures and edit it using PowerCam. These are the simple steps to use PowerCam on your own PC.

They are going to not ask for any kind of registration to run this application on your PC and very quickly, it can be used by you after you download. It has an unique resizing assistance that can help you resize your image so it is not difficult to share on a social networking website.

Features that you can get in the majority of photo editing apps are not absent in PowerCam additionally. It is possible to use different filters that accentuate the tiny options that come with the image and makes it better.

Interesting Choices And Functions Of The Software

Once you open the App on Bluestacks, a distinct interface will open where you will end up supplied with alternatives like, Record, Panorama, Colour Splash, etc. PowerCam for PC can be equally utilised on a mobile and by clicking on the Capture alternative, you are able to use your PCs cam.

Various photographic characteristics which are used in professional level photography can be implemented using this app. For example, you are able to use the Depth of Field substitute for get the idea regarding the backdrop of your photo.

It’s possible for you to use timers also to shoot your photo on the PC. These characteristics are actually useful and usually are not obtainable in camera software that is common.

PowerCam – Revamp Your Photos

powercam photo

There is an assortment of ways where it is possible to make the best out of PowerCam for PC and with this, you can enjoy a wholly new experience of photography.

The editing features are extremely impressive with extremely useful blur tool which allows some specific areas of the picture to blur. This feature carries you the alternative of shooting photographs that are good or take the usual picture and edit it to superiority.

Download Corel Draw 12 For Windows and Mac

Corel Draw is pumping out excellent alternatives that can stand on their own, with the graphics software world being interchangeable with Adobe Photoshop.

Everybody was conscious about it and by variation 10, while initially discounted by most users, by time when variant 8th was outside, it howled focus. Brace yourself, as Corel Draw 12 has been released by Corel with more characteristic and incremental add-ons sets for the users.

Corel Draw 12

Corel Draw 12 – What’s New?

The tool replaces the free hand drawing with the exact structure and recognizes any free hand drawn shape such as square or circle. Further, the tool smoothens out as curves rough zigzags.

While the range of shape it can recognize is restricted at best, it can even recognize hastily sketched 5-point star. Dynamic Guides is another great add-on that features onscreen guides to alignments, snatch-to points, intersections, etc. when editing illustrations.

This attribute features info about the closest point being manipulated and is not dissimilar to Smart Guides in Adobe Illustrator.

The Advancements for Corel Draw 12

There are plenty in this variant of developments for Corel Draw 12. Onscreen text rendering has enhanced with support for OpenType fonts and Unicode character sets.

The text editing choices have been augmented with Character dicker window that is just like a glyph browser though it can’t automate type options including ligatures and is so not superior to Adobe Illustrator’s choices.

Other improvements include more control -competent bits and a Virtual Section tool to simplify complicated paths. Further fonts can now be embedded within CorelDraw docs making them portable.

Playing With Others

How CorelDraw deals with various file formats also orders its use patterns since folks and their options change. Importing options are improved with support for HPGL 2, Microsoft Vision 2000/2002 and, CGM 4 development in support for DXF /DWG, CGM 1 and CGM 2 formats. The exporting choice is a concern as file size increases by an enormous manifold when exporting to EPS or BMP formats or Illustrator formats.

Corel Draw 12 – The Big Picture

Corel Draw 12 image

CorelDraw 12 in itself is a worthy replacement with attributes and mild hiccups to Adobe’s offering also identical tooling with particular extra features thrown into the mix. So, for existing CorelDraw 10 and 11 users, version 12 is certainly a worthy upgrade!

Free Download American Truck Simulator For PC

The game was designed by SCS software and it’s the sequel of the 2008 released game of the exact same name. The player must drive a truck on European streets and as a carrier, he’s to pick up goods and deliver them to destinations like a normal trucking service.

The game gets exciting while progressing as cash comes into play. Like buying trucks or other freight vehicle, the player can do a lot with the money. You can hire drivers with that cash and also buy storehouses.

American Truck Simulator

Interesting Characteristics For American Truck Simulator

The game starts from an European City as selected by the player. The game provides various destinations in European countries like France Germany, Austria, Belgium and others.

At the starting of the game the player is an easy truck driver delivering short distance goods supply called occupations that are quick. This stating part of the game brings in the thrill of what can appear. The player can enjoy a driver’s view of the truck and these attributes make the game an ideal simulator.

The game map is marked on by besides the fun of researching new routes and the delivery, it is the cash rolling in your account that may get you do more occupations in the game.

The Map Is Quite Fascinating With Customized Roadways

You can run your truck on the wide network of roadways within the part of Europe’s map the game has been supplied for by them. Wroclaw and Plymouth marks the east and west extremes . The swathe stretches from Aberdeen in Milan and the North in the South.

The roadways concentrated and happen to be changed but seem to be a long stretch as for the whole game. It takes a dedicated playing to cover the map completely.

Downloadable addons and Mobs

There’s certain add-on available on the web that widens the map on a special direction. “Going East!” is one such add on released online by SCS that can be downloaded but you’ve got to pay for the addon. This adds new destination for freight delivery in Hungary, Czech Republic and the asian states on the game map.

American Truck Simulator game

You need to have the original game installed with the key that is proper to have this addon. The paint job themes are included by some of one other contents that are downloadable like Halloween themed paint job.

There are additional game content that increases the map size, if you download the mods for the game.

So, if you’re excited enough to get this on your system, hit the download button below!

Download GTA Vice City – Free For PC

Developed by Rockstar North, it is an action packed adventure game set in a open-world environment that enables players to connect to the gaming world in accordance with their leisure.

It’s played from the perspective of a third person and runs on formats and various games consoles like- Xbox, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 2. It’s a single-player game, and is among the most ambitious and varied interactive games ever created.

GTA Vice City

Storyline Of The Game – GTA Vice City

Set in the year 1986, in the fictitious Vice City, the game is inspired in the American culture of the 1980s. Vice City is heavily modelled on Miami, and the game follows a Mafia hitman, Tommy Vercetti, just released from prison. He was involved with a drug deal that had gone wrong and the game tracks Tommy’s journey as he seeks out those responsible.


Much like the previous GTA titles, this game is, in addition, open-ended. Nevertheless, several missions must be completed as a way to complete the storyline as well as unlock more areas of the town. Weapons and various concealed packages may also be found scattered across the landscape.

Some of the most interactive and interesting things that players can indulge in are, stealing a horde of different types of vehicles ranging from motorcycles to cars, and from boats to choppers; participate in robberies as well as in drive-by shooting.

This, however, may lead to unwanted police attention, or, in severe instances, the FBI and the National Guard. But there are methods to neutralize it.

These gangs may be foe or friend, and they act appropriately. Impulsive shootouts between rival gangs are common and these fights between opposing gangs take part in various assignments.

Rewards in the kind of money and edges, like increased armor ability, well-being and infinite sprint, can be made by finishing various difficulty levels of specific discretionary side-assignments. A few of these contain- extinguishing fires with the help of a fire truck, driving an ambulance to get injured ones and making pizza deliveries.

New Additions/ Changes added from previous GTA Variations

The biggest addition to the game is the player’s skill to buy properties distributed through the entire city. These are fundamentally hideouts where players accumulate and can store weapons as well as save the game.

GTA Vice City GAME

Termed as “assets”, players can also purchase several businesses. Some of those include- a taxi company, a film studio, a strip club and a dance club, among others. After they have been completed, these typically have some assignments and will generate income for Vercetti.

From the speed enthusiasts (high speed motorbikes and automobiles), to the sportsman (appreciating the outside in a powerboat or golf buggy), in the freedom seeker (helicopter ride to view the city from above), to the creepy and close kind (the game is filled with surprises at every turn). GTA Vice City can keep anyone participated and awed.

Download Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare For Mac

The Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is truly a considerably more evolved variant of the original Call of Duty. This game is the best example of the magic that may be caused by the ideal amalgamation of technology and tactics. This game became the harbinger of a new era of battle for the franchise.

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

The People Behind The Creation

The engine of this variation has been custom-made and can be played both as an individual-player and multiplayer.

The Fundamental Elements of the Complex Version – Call Of Duty

Designated under the category of M, which stands for Mature, this game has several description of gross depiction of blood and gore, reference to drugs, extreme violence, language that might come across as powerful sometimes.

The game occurs later on, depicting the future of war. The Academy Award winning actor, Kevin Spacy, has produced a dazzling performance as Jonathan Irons, the protagonist of this game.

The Plot of the Game

This futuristic game depicts the future of warfare with the improvement in technology and the current military practices adopted. This game shows that Private Military Corporations (PMCs) have become too strong and dominates the military world.

They started creating their own rules for war and have expanded by outsourcing their military needs and reestablishing nation boundaries with Jonathan Irons being the strongest guy behind this scheme.

The Players in Advanced Call of Duty

The players need to suit up in all the exoskeleton supplies and be prepared and ready for combats. This variation consequently, reduced the need for specialization and depicts the players to be more lethal. There are verticality with boost jumps and grapplings and additional features like enhanced player movements.

Other characteristics like garments skills, biomechanics which plays an instrumental role in heightening and supplying unparalleled speed, comprehension, strength and endurance.

The ekoskeleton and increased body armour combined with the weapons that are enhanced, provides the character with tactical liberty in all the terrain. These features distinguish this variation of the franchise from the other ones.

Call Of Duty  – The Reception Of The Game

Call Of Duty

Like all games, this game overly received lots of criticism on its start. Some hailed it to be similar, ungainly and unimpressive to its previous versions.

But regardless of all the criticism, there are accolades and numerous encomiums won by this game. Some well-known critics have said this innovative version of the game has departed from the norms of the set.

So, if you’re the die hard fan of Call of Duty series, hit on the below download button to Download Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

How to Download & Install Snow Bros Game For PC

While we all recall some of those raster 2D games we nevertheless need to play those on our PC. Among such titles is the first by Capcom and Toaplan, the Snow Bros. The arcade beauty can be found on PC and can be appreciated as a break from serious gaming.

Snow Bros Game

The Background and Storyline – Snow Bros

Snow Bros features a background narrative that’s simple, yet enchanting unlike today’s “ action” games and all graphics with tons of weapons and mindless killing. The storyline is about peaceful Snow Land which can be invaded by King Acchicchi and swiped the two princesses that are exquisite and set the land.


The game is in ways very much like Bubble Bobble – you must thrash your foes in each level to proceed to next. Your only weapon of choice is snow, which you can hurl at the enemies till they get plastered outside.

The points are dependent on the enemies and they may be killed if you have managed to mow down all with one snow ball –,, you earn extra. You can also create an avalanche ride it too and to purge them all. Other methods to gain more points would be to make a snow ball ricochet of between a set of walls.

The Stages and Enemies

Levels are static with stacks through which you can go up and down. Each bunch includes enemies which are fire spitting gargoyles or knife pitching blue minions.

The level design is colorful and reminiscent of the bygone eras of 8-bit and 16-bit games. A pumpkin head appears to go after which it is possible to shun away to other areas of the screen, if you take too much to clear a level. After freezing your enemies you can simply kick them around till they’re shattered.

There are total five levels with 10 rounds each. At the conclusion of each stage, there exists a boss battle finish. The strategy to overcome is similar, first freeze all the little ones that the manager sends after you and roll them back to him.

The Goodies

Snow Bros Game DOWNLOAD

The game is adorned with enemies that are exotic and brilliant levels, a simple yet addictive gameplay waits. Bonuses can be picked up which range from popsiclespies, potions and hot sauces that can give extra powers to take down foes. Each round ends with a slots game where you can win bonuses too.

Snow Bros is a superb time pass and addictive game for casual gamers at any level. It can also be played with two players commanding the characters to add to the fun. The level design is gameplay fascinating and charming and brings back the joy of easy, yet enjoyable games of 90s.

How to Download VectorWorks for Free

Now it is possible to design your every detail by the CAD software. AutoCAD applications is that with which it is possible to create wonderful designs. With design software and the VectorWorks instruction manual, you can achieve any feat that is designing:-

  • You’ll be able to document and work with the productivity programs in detail.
  • You will also be able to create a connection of your workflow between incorporated cloud, mobile and desktop computer remedies.


Features of VectorWorks

VectorWorks software contains the following characteristics:

  • It’s a modern interface, which is upgraded and improves the process of
  • design along with productivity which then enhances the speed of your workflow.
  • It is possible to open existing or new drawings quickly with the help of New Tab page.
  • You can also get the content of the drawing directly through the decoration additionally; find the tools via an increased Help window.

Documentation Attributes

  • Look and the feel of this new interface which has been upgraded, helps the design process to improve.
  • The drawing content can be directly accessed visually through the ribbon.
  • You can open new and existing drawings quickly and also access a hunk of the design components.
  • You can also have a preview of results of the orders often used before you’ll commit them.
  • Now in the interface, you are able to see the tool locations with improved Help window and the new.
  • You will be able to record your design details with assistance from AutoCAD tools of instruction manual.

Synonym Propositions, autoCorrect and Adaptive Propositions are included in Command Line Interface. AutoComplete is another new attribute which supports search in mid-string.

You may also get the tools needed for creating Detail and Section views. Additionally, you will be able to pick from the systems of common segment like, half or complete or counter or aligned.

You may also keep and create relationships between items which are arrayed.

Design Features For VectorWorks

VectorWorks desing

  • On-line maps can be obtained easily in the canvas, right.
  • The cloud functionality in relation to stage was accentuated. It now includes the display of colours by levels and geo location.
  • You’ll be capable of take out the curves that are isoline to design the contour of any contours through an unique point either on a solid or a surface.
  • You can also cancel and extrude curvatures, in this manner, creating solids surfaces.
  • You will also be able to create notions of layout in any form that is conceivable. You are able to pull or push the faces, vertexes and borders to be able to create complex forms or add etc., surfaces
  • You will be able to assess the curvature, draft and continuity of solids and 3D surfaces.

Thus, with a great number of features if you’re a CAD applications users, to use from, download latest VectorWorks by clicking download button below!

How Download & Insatall Call of Duty Black Ops 2

The impact of modern technology in the gaming industry if you doubt, request the gamers, and is tremendous! Gameplay, images and what not, you call it a makeover? No, a groundbreaking change instead, perhaps more.

With the development of CGI and other techniques that are new modern day games are nothing less than enthralling. Call of Duty Black Ops II is this kind of game; developed by Treyarch and released by Activision, this one is certainly a game you CAn’t afford to miss.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2

The COD Manner Of Warfare for Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2 is the ninth version of the Call of Duty series popularly called COD. It’s a first person shooting game where you fight your enemies with a team and never alone. With an M rating it’s not recommended for children.

Lots of violence but that’s, smoking, drugs and abusive language not COD is about. It’s about the breathtaking graphics, excellent gameplay and a gripping storyline that make this ninth installment an absolute marvel.

Gameplay That’ll Keep You Pasted Throughout -Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Everything starts in the year 2025, and you play as David Mason the lead protagonist. Extreme gun fight, mind numbing action, pursuits that are popular, thrilling combat and much more. The greatest aim would be to stop the leader of ‘Cordis Die’, Raul Menendez.

Considerably of an anti-hero and less of a bad guy, the narrative revolves around Mason trying to put a finish to Menendez’s vindictive attempts. This classic military shooter will force you to drool, a complete visual treat for the eyes.

The minute details have been given so much importance, from rich graphical landscapes to the sensational fight scenes Treyarch has put lots of attempt to make this sequel. The background music can be terrific.

What Makes It Different?

But slowly Call of Duty gained more popularity. So, when the trailer was released the whole gaming industry was waiting for it to release. When it released everything was clear when most of them said this was the best episode of Call of Duty and it was not long.

Well there were a lot of changes with the major difference being the first ever COD game to have multiple ends based on the selections made during the gameplay. Gone are the times when thermal goggles were a privilege, in Black Ops II you’re able to switch on your cloak that is invisible to sneak past your enemies.

As you keep on playing with you are going to find the changes that are essential, and the more you are going to enjoy it.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 game

You Cannot Miss it?

  • Film like actions
  • Captivating
  • Unbelievable background score
  • Fabulous storyline

Black Ops 2 is rather different than its previous variants, and if you’re a COD enthusiasts, you are bound to love it and if you’ven’t played COD prepare to add this to your favorites. Hit the download button below to get it for free!